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Insurance Valuations

In an increasingly complex and unpredictable world, where the values of diamonds and gems are in a state of constant change, it becomes absolutely vital to obtain a reliable, accurate and professional insurance valuation for your jewellery so that you are adequately covered in the event of loss or theft.

Jewellery is truly an international commodity and from a gemmological perspective is plagued with potential pitfalls and hazards. In recent years, for example, there has been an explosion in the different varieties of pearls appearing on the market. Precious gems such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds are treated and “improved” using ever more sophisticated methods to evade detection while certificated and fancy-colour diamonds are subject to a pricing structure which can be described as truly labyrinthine. At the same time traditional, family-owned jewellery has become scarce though very much in demand resulting in a surge in value. Quite modest antique brooches, rings, necklaces and pendants are often worth several times more than they were in the 1980s and 1990s. The chances are that if you haven’t had your jewellery valued within the past five years it is, quite simply, under-insured.

In an era when diamonds which are virtually indistinguishable from the genuine article can be manufactured in the laboratory, how can you afford not to have your jewellery professionally examined and accurately assessed?

John Benjamin has been valuing jewellery for over 30 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to bear whether assessing a modern diamond ring or a rare Renaissance pendant. He is a well-known and respected figure in the insurance world and is an accredited valuer for Hiscox, Zurich, Chubb and Chartis. Inspections invariably take place at the client’s home or bank and are carried out with the utmost degree of discretion and confidentiality. No job is considered too small and visits take place throughout the U.K., Europe and overseas. A draft copy of the valuation is usually submitted for inspection and approval, subject to which two bound copies of the schedule are hand-delivered or despatched by Recorded Delivery together with a set of high resolution colour photographs.


Hourly Rate £250 plus VAT
Minimum charge £400 plus VAT
Travelling expenses: 45 pence/mile plus VAT or

Public Transport expenses at cost plus VAT
Fees are subject to inspection and John Benjamin reserves the right to negotiate individual charges on high value properties. Time spent researching individual items such as wristwatches and specialised international designer jewellery will be charged following discussion with the owner.

Valuations are also carried out for Probate, Family Division, Capital Gains Tax, Post Loss Assessment and Disposal purposes. For an individual quotation, please contact or telephone +44 (0)1296 615522.

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